The spear summons a skeleton warrior, which Frank calls "Gray". The moment where he finally works up enough courage to ask Silena out may have been planned by Silena with Annabeth Chase's help, but the smiling girls won't confirm this when Percy confronts them about it. Dawn L Beckendorf and Dawn L Beckendorff are some of the alias or nicknames that Dawn has used. Percy, a good friend and ally of Beckendorf. When he dies, Silena is heartbroken, but she later joins him in Elysium in the Underworld, after she dies in the Battle of Manhattan, fighting the Lydian Drakon. They stealthily creep into the control room, where Beckendorf plants the bombs. There Reyna reveals that the Ramírez-Arellano family (which includes Roberto Cofresi and Captain Marion Frederic Ramírez de Arellano) has always been favored by Bellona. Iskandar is the Chief Lector of the House of Life. When Hazel's mother changes her mind about helping Gaea, Hazel buries herself and her mother under the earth, delaying Alcyoneus's rebirth and killing them both. iii. At the end of The Son of Neptune, Nico travels through Tartarus to find the monstrous side of the Doors of Death, an experience that leaves him haunted and weak. Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. “Okay. Son of HephaestusFormer Counselor of Cabin NineCharlie (by Silena Beauregard)Beckendorf Her family is from Baghdad, Iraq, but has been raised by her grandparents in Dorchester since the death of her mother. Height A crucial character to the series' arc, Annabeth even spends some time in Tartarus with Percy and Iapetus (Became Bob in The Sword of Hades) the Titan during The House of Hades. Beckendorf and Silena Beauregard are paired for the camp game by Quintus, which Beckendorf looks pretty happy abo… She can be stubborn and overconfident, much like her father. Many of the beings and creatures of Greco-Roman myths are humanoid—in other words, they possess both the intelligence and some of the physical features of humans. Also in The Lost Hero, he begins a romantic relationship with Piper McLean. They force other people to worship them. As a baby, his parents took him with them to Camp Half-Blood, where May wanted to host the Oracle of Delphi, which had been cursed for many years. Item Later, she married Paul Blofis, whom she genuinely loves. You know Charles Beckendorf? 1 Best-selling Author Rick Riordan Percy Jackson and the Olympians Meets The Heroes of Olympus in This Original Short-story Collection", Hotel Valhalla: Guide to the Norse Worlds,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing cleanup from November 2019, Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from November 2019, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from November 2019, Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from June 2020, All articles that are excessively detailed, Wikipedia articles with style issues from June 2020, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2015, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Carter Kane falls in love with this shabti and seeks out the real Zia to free her and release Nephthys's spirit. He didn't talk a lot, but when he did, it would always be something important, so people would listen. She is a main character in the short story "Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot" (published in The Demigod Files). Like Grover, Hedge is also a demigod Protector, his proudest "recruit" being Clarisse La Rue. [17], Samirah (Sam) al-Abbas Bint Loki is a Valkyrie and a daughter of Loki who selects Magnus as an einherji under Odin's order. In The Tower of Nero, he and Will help to fight Nero. From Halcyon Green, he receives a diary he later entrusts to Chiron, and a celestial bronze knife he later gives to Annabeth with a promise to always remain her family.

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